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Phone Calls

Program phone calls

A telephone appointment with a health professional is made for weeks 2 to 8 of the rehabilitation program.

The purpose of these calls, which commence a week after the home assessment, is to:

Review the Home Exercise Diary

Progress the exercise prescription

Deliver self-management training


It is important the patient understands that this appointment is no different to other medical appointments. If they are unable to be available for the call, they must call the program coordinator to re-schedule their time.

Homebased pulmonary rehabilitation relies on these weekly telephone calls, for the duration of the program, for the interaction with patients. During these calls patients are encouraged to make their own choices and arrive at their own conclusions for health change. To facilitate this process, Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques are required.

Structured telephone modules are used, with written prompts for the interviewer to explore and build motivation for change, then move towards commitment and action.

Exercise and self management goals are discussed and documented each week:

by patients in their Home Exercise Diary

by the clinician on a phone call excel sheet

The patient is asked to be ready to answer the phone for their weekly appointment and to have the following with them:

Home Exercise Diary (filled in each day)

Better Living with COPD: A Patient Guide

Note paper and pen

Items that may be required for discussion during the call such as medications