Are you a health professional looking to deliver a home-based pulmonary rehabilitation program due to COVID-19?

COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. Follow all directives and advice from your local health service

A resource for the development of
home-based pulmonary rehabilitation programs.

The HomeBase website is a resource for the development of home-based pulmonary rehabilitation programs. 

The content, based on national and international guidelines, is designed to provide guidance for health professionals who are providing care to people with chronic lung disease. 

HomeBase pulmonary rehabilitation is an alternative rehabilitation model that aims to improve uptake and access to these programs. It has been shown to have equivalent outcomes to centre-based programs.

HomeBase Reflections

HomeBase rehabilitation has been well received by patients, who reported that the program helped them to establish an exercise routine and manage their disease. People who have undertaken HomeBase rehabilitation valued the convenience of the program and felt supported.

To hear more from people who have participated in HomeBase rehabilitation please view the video.