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Practitioner Network

Practitioner Network

In 2012 the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Network was developed with the main purpose of providing a forum for sharing ideas; provide peer support to new and developing programs, and to promote increased access to pulmonary rehabilitation across Australia.

The Lung Foundation envisaged that in consultation with this group potential projects would include: the development of national pulmonary rehabilitation guidelines, advocacy for MBS rebate for Pulmonary Rehabilitation and maintenance, and the development of a national training program for pulmonary rehabilitation. Since the commencement of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Network numerous actions and steps forward have already been taken to ensure the successful completion of the projects set out by the Lung Foundation.

The disciplines currently involved include but are not limited to physiotherapists, clinical nurses, respiratory specialist physicians , social workers, psychologists, OT’s and accredited exercise physiologists.

Within this network there are also 24 state representatives who volunteer their time to actively participate in teleconferences as needs arise and participate in working groups as required. There is an annual face-to-face meeting at the TSANZ annual conference open to all members interested. This annual meeting is also available via teleconference for all members. Minutes of any State Representative meetings are disseminated to all Pulmonary Rehabilitation Network Members for information and/or feedback and input.

Being a member of this network will provide access to the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Network Online Forum. After a trial phase by State Representatives in June/July 2013, this forum is now available for all network members to use. The intended use of the forum is to increase network support and to decrease the need for regular teleconferences. In addition increasing connectedness between all involved in Pulmonary Rehabilitation across Australia to facilitate best clinical practice across the country is a major aim.

The online forum allows questions to be asked at any time, with the ability for fellow members to answer or provide advice. Furthermore the forum also supports the development of new materials such as the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Guidelines, and a uniting front in advocacy for Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Once membership is confirmed to this network all new members will be provided with information on how to login from the program manager.

The Lung Foundation continues to seek interest from health professionals Australia wide to join the network if you:

  • Work with COPD patients in a clinical environment and/or
  • Have involvement in COPD research
  • Are recognised as a member of a pulmonary rehabilitation team

If you  are interested in being a part of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Network, or would like more information please contact [email protected].  Once membership is confirmed you will obtain a username and password for the online forum.