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Medical History

Initial patient assessment – Medical History

A hospital or community centre baseline assessment is required to ascertain:

If the patient is safe to exercise at home without supervision

Baseline measures of exercise capacity and quality of life

This assessment includes a detailed medical history, necessary to prescribe an appropriate program:

Respiratory diagnosis

Respiratory history

Smoking history

Results of relevant investigations (including spirometry*, CT scans, CXR, blood gases, ECG)

Medications (including oxygen therapy)

Current exercise routine

Musculoskeletal conditions (including falls risk)

Neurological conditions

Continence issues

Body Mass Index (BMI = weight (kg) ÷ height2 (m))

Social / psychological issues

*Perform spirometry, if possible, if recent results not available

Results from the medical history may indicate the need for the following referrals or follow up:

Smoking cessation

Nutritional support


Anxiety and depression

Airway clearance

Treatment of musculoskeletal/neurological conditions