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Calls – Week 3 to 7

Phone calls – Week 3 to 7

Allow approximately 20 to 30 minutes for the telephone calls from Weeks 3 to 7, depending on the health issues of the patient.

When discussing exercise or health issues, try to start with the patient’s priority.

Using Motivational Interviewing skills:

Listen to what the patient has to report about their week

Reflect on the issues discussed in the previous week(s)

Ask if they have any health issues that they would like to discuss

Aim for progression in the exercise program as appropriate

At the end of each call, summarise what has been discussed

Elicit DARN statements:

Why would you want to ….? (desire)

How would you do it, if you decided to? (ability)

What for you are the 3 most important benefits from ….? (reasons)

How important is it for you to ……? (need)

Check that:

The diary has been completed by the patient

The diary has been comprehensively discussed

The confidence scales for exercise and health have been recorded

They are available for the phone call the following week